West Campus Restaurants Fail Health Inspections: Customers & students at Risk of Foodborne Illness

Recent health inspection reports have revealed that 3 restaurants located in West Campus at the University of Texas have failed inspections due to critical health violations. These violations include improper food storage, improper handling of utensils, and the presence of live and dead pests in food preparation areas. In one instance, a restaurant was cited for having an infestation of roaches, which can spread harmful bacteria and contaminate food. Another restaurant was found to have employees handling food without gloves, increasing the risk of cross-contamination. These violations put customers at risk of foodborne illnesses, and it’s essential to avoid eating at these restaurants until corrective actions have been taken. The City of Austin’s Health Department is working to ensure that these establishments are safe and healthy places to eat. Remember to prioritize food safety and always check the health inspection scores of restaurants before dining out, especially near West Campus where critical violations have been identified in multiple restaurants.

Score: 58


► K Bop

K Pop, located in West Campus near the University of Texas, has consistently received lower scores in the 70s on their routine health inspections in recent years, with a low score of 58. As a result, we recommend that students and patrons in the area avoid dining at this establishment until adequate and consistent food safety practices are established. At Risky Bites, we believe that all restaurants should uphold the highest standards of food safety to ensure the health and safety of their customers. It is important that establishments take food safety seriously and commit to maintaining proper hygiene and safety practices.

Score: 63

510 W 26TH ST AUSTIN, TX 78705

► Madam Mam

Madam Mam has consistently received scores in the range of 71 to 74 on their routine health inspections over the years, indicating that they are only meeting the bare minimum standards when it comes to food safety. It is worth noting that in 2020, they did receive a lower score of 63. At Risky Bites, we believe that all restaurants should prioritize the health and safety of their customers by maintaining the highest standards of food safety. We recommend caution when dining at Madam Mam until they can demonstrate a consistent commitment to improving their hygiene and safety practices.



► Raku Sushi Restaurant: failed twice within 4 months

Raku Sushi Restaurant failed health inspections twice within four months and has never scored above 75 on routine inspections in the past three years, indicating a consistent lack of commitment to food safety. Reported violations include improper food storage, cross-contamination, and unsanitary food handling practices that increase the risk of dangerous bacteria and pathogens. At Risky Bites, we advise against dining at this establishment until significant improvements are made in their hygiene and safety practices.

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